This web site was originally created to house the web comic, DeViations, and maintains a lot of that old charm - including the comic archives. Internal links are occasionally being reviewed, but you may find some external ones that are no longer active (or that have changed hands). Please get over it, and just have a good time exploring.

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May 24, 2024
I am still working on Hills of Endless Cairns, and Ewan has made a return around chapter 33. Why is he back, and are we surprised that he is asking to see Mari?

May 13, 2024
Updating Hills of Endless Cairns, Esterle and I have emerged from the depths of the city, relatively unscathed... Although now I owe a debt to Boss Connum that I am not looking forward to paying.

April 29, 2024
In Hills of Endless Cairns, Boss Connum, the head of the local Thieve's Guild, sends for me. It's not an invitation that I can ignore. When I get there, we eventually meet in a harem. Have you ever considered what that might look like in my city?
Subterranean Harem

April 15, 2024
I am still writing Hills of Endless Cairns. Mari, my awesome companion, decided she had a taste for squid, and so we took a stroll out down by the docks. Along the way, we met a figure from my past who had a mission to find me. So, here we are in chapter 22, because Mari is the most  important figure in my life, and the mission can wait for dinner.
Mari and I dine on squid

March 24, 2024
Hills of Endless Cairns finished unveiling chapter three this week, wherein we meet Ewan. You will get a lot of him over the next couple of chapters... perhaps more than some would like. Remember, NSFW starts with chapter fourm which will still be free to read online through Kindle Vella because it is part of the first ten installments.

March 15, 2024
My new Kindle Vella, Hills of Endless Cairns, is dropping a chapter a week now. Tune in Mondays for the beginning of each new chapter, and then come back later in the week for the rest. As of today, two full chapters have appeared online, and chapter 3 begins to drop on Monday. I finished writing chapter 18 yesterday, and there we meet Esterle, a dark elf follower of Ogma.

Kindle Vella's new pricing plan is that you now get the first 10 installments free, and you pay 10 tokens for each installment thereafter. This necessitated my removing Shadow Dancer from Kindle Vella, but Fear not!
Shadow Dancer (my prequel to Memoirs of Misadventure) is available on Kindle now.

March 5, 2024
Well, I was writing another Kindle Vella, but Amazon is announcing a new pricing scheme that messes with authors royalties like they tried to do with musicians back in 2015. If their new pricing platform goes into effect, I will be pulling my stories from there in protest. Fear Not, I still plan to publish in Kindle format. Don't mess with my royalties Amazon!

Until then, my newest story, Hills of Endless Cairns, is dropping chapters every Monday.
Hills of Endless Cairns

February 26, 2024
I wish I had more time to do some marketing, but life is filled with so many adventures that I just have a little time to give you some tidbits here. Have you met Tess yet? You might call her an antognist, but really, Shadow Dancer is her story too.
Tess in Shadow Dancer

February 5, 2024
Well, My Kindle Vella, Shadow Dancer, became so long that I made it a novella. If you want a copy, it's up on Amazon too in both physical and Kindle versions. It's still a Kindle Vella as well, but the final chapters have not dropped yet.
(Warning: Explicit Content)

January 20, 2024
Have you started reading my Kindle Vella? It's titled Shadow Dancer. I was going to just make it a group of short stories, but then I just kept writing out the same one as my memories unfolded. It's starting to get quite large, and I don't know how big it will actually get. (Warning: eventual Explicit Content)

January 15, 2024
Have you read my new book, Memoirs of Misadventure? You can find it on in both physical and Kindle versions. I am starting a Kindle Vella as well. (Warning: Explicit Content)

January 8, 2024

Have you heard? I'm a published author now. You can find me on

January 1, 2024

Welcome to the archives, with bits and pieces of my origins. I'm not sure what I may keep and what I may  purge thereof. Some of it seems to be rather erroneous, but then, such is the stuff of legends.

Things you might want to know. Fugli may have started me, but he has elected not to continue with me. While you will see his references popping up all over this site, it’s all archival stuff from years ago.

I have elected to keep as much of that history as I can, so you will find old pictures here, many of the old links, and perhaps a lot of broken ones. Don’t fret it, that is the nature of the internet. Eventually, every link will be a broken one.

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