5 May 2001
Web Comics Awareness 2001

Yes, It's another one of those pesky web comic community events.

Here is a listing of the archived comic line leading up to this strip: [1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8]

DeVia and her group would like to take a moment of your time to introduce you to a whole world of artistic comic effort, web comics. There are literally hundreds of volunteer cartoonists who post their work on the web, free of charge, for you to enjoy, contemplate, or ponder. Many of these artists don't plan on making any real money but many do sell inexpensive merchandise to help defray the cost of their efforts. Purchasing a t-shirt or other product through their site might make only a small difference, but it sends a message to them that their efforts are worthwhile. Similarly, dropping them and e-mail letter or posting a polite message in their web forums or guest books are forms of encouragement that cost little, but are greatly appreciated.

If you wish to check out some web comics other than this one, check out DeVia's links page.

Top Ten Reasons to Support Web Comics:

  1. That whole freedom of speech issue needs a bit more humor behind it.
  2. Fashions that fit both your mood and budget.
  3. It is impossible to ink and spam at the same time. You've got mail.
  4. Government money only goes to brooding and controversial artists.
  5. DNS envy.
  6. "Web comics supporter" sounds a whole lot better than "athletic supporter."
  7. No virtual hostage situations. "Pay up or the clown gets erased!"
  8. Collectibility aside, you can say you knew that comic when... and have the merchandise to back up your claim.
  9. There are no bad comics, just bad photons.
  10. It's free, and it's fun, and it could become a lasting legacy some day if someone just gave a little bit of encouragement and maybe dropped a buck or two here or there as a way of saying, "hey, you're doing the world some small service, and you brought a smile to my day." I mean.... operant conditioning and all that tripe aside; don't you think it's a good idea to support something this creative and altruistic?
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