Thursday , August 25 , 2011

Thanks to Robert Burns (aka Touborg Tavern Trasher), We now have a wall hanging of DeVia's Coat of Arms.

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This comic was originally a farcical look at RPGA's Living City campaign, but the once fun and often humorous campaign ceased to be a source of joy when the RPGA (now owned by Hasbro) literally sold the campaign out from under the players. They saw the potential for short term profit, and they killed the campaign in the process, literally destroying a thriving part of the global gaming community.

You can see this comic struggle with events leading up to the end of the Living City campaign in the latter part of the DeViations collection. While I have no current plans to resurrect this series, I offer the archives as a testimonial to the previous greatness of the campaign and its characters.

PAX Y'all...